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What is the CollGen2®?
The Collgen2® is a uniquely designed and expertly engineered Colloidal Silver Generator. It produces a verifiable and true 5-8 PPM Ionic Colloidal Silver water with each and every cycle of use.
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efficacious ionic colloidal silver generator 5-8

Ionic Colloidal Silver has a long medical history dating back into the 1930's! The antibiotic benefits of  ionic colloidal silver were known in early Greek and Roman times! The positively charged ionic form has well documented broad anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and immuno-suppressive properties plus effectiveness  even on most parasite eggs.

Side effects, according to both the FDA and EPA, appear limited to Argyria, a discolorization of the skin with excessive "silver salt" uptake, resulting in "seven cases of Argyria related to silver products having been reported", according to Barrett of Quackwatch. Silver shavings and silver proteins cause argyria.  

Much equipment on the web is so crude it fails to produce positively charged ions of silver and thus most colloidal silver consumed is very weak (low in bio-effectiveness). Unfortunately, many think raw metallic particles, a non-soluable mineral form, can be used by your body, when only soluable minerals (ions) are!  One can purchase "make your own colloidal silver generator" on the internet.  Many of the books say that one must add epsom salts and other additives to make a good colloid.  SILVER mixed with SALTS make a dangerous SILVER NITRATE, thus consumption makes blue.

PII (Peschel Instruments Inc.) spent considerable time in refining the process to assure neither useless silver salts, atoms or crystals are formed! Government tests clearly indicate the superior benefits of charged ions (300 to 17,000 times more effective) then most salts or metallic forms. Silver ions are 17,000 times more effective in saline blood then metallic silver!

The silly argument many present that "ions" are rendered useless in your stomach acid" are utterly false, as digestion begins in the mouth, where most soluble minerals are isolated by your metalloproteins in saliva, for safe transport.

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The CollGen is used by NASA


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